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Our Services

Amplify provides full spectrum communication services to both individuals and organizations. Below are our key services.
Media Relations
  • Identify and engage top tier journalists and outlets to fulfill your communications goals  

  • Provide targeted media outreach

  • Develop engaging press releases

  • Generate impactful messaging and talking points

  • Create innovative press kits

  • Conduct effective media training 

Brand Development
  • Create and build brand equity in consumers minds

  • Conduct detailed client brand analysis

  • Develop brand strategy with maximum effective reach 

Communications Planning
  • Develop detailed proposals of activities and milestones to achieve a desired endstate

  • Analyze key target audiences

  • Develop tailored messaging strategy​

  • Manage communications resources 

Crisis Communications
  • Prepare communication contingency plans for templated or emerging critically intense periods

  • Manage communication strategy during and after crisis; maintaining situational awareness, execute preemptive and response communications

  • Natural and man-made disasters, unrest, accidents, environmental change

Feature Writing
  • Develop compelling client storylines 

  • Create stylized writings which connect with targeted audience 

  • Feature writing includes op-eds, human-interest stories, profiles, and backgrounders 

  • Provide expert advise across the spectrum of public relations services

  • Leverage experience across several industries to include travel and tourism, hospitality, non-profit, defense, hospitality, and government 

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